Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Hagan and the staff at Hagan Dentistry understand that, in addition to a healthy mouth, most patients would like a bright, attractive smile. Thanks to advances in modern dental techniques and materials, Dr. Hagan offers a number of services to help enhance the beauty of your smile. Come visit us for a thorough examination of your smile, and we will be happy to discuss your options to make it even brighter.

White Fillings

You don’t have to settle for a compromise between strength and beauty any longer. Modern tooth-colored or “white” fillings blend in seamlessly with your natural teeth and can hold up to many years of function.  Our patients love being able to smile wide without the worry of dark metal fillings showing.

Teeth Whitening

cosmetic dentistOne of our most popular services is teeth whitening. We offer the In-office Zoom whitening treatment that will whiten your teeth by several shades after just one visit. We also offer take-home whitening trays that allow you to take a more gradual approach to making your smile brighter. Both are great options to augment the natural beauty of your smile.


All-Ceramic Crowns

Another popular service is all-porcelain crowns. In the past, porcelain crowns typically had a metal layer underneath that would show as a dark or gray line near the gums of the teeth. All-porcelain crowns are metal-free and don’t have that dark line along the gums. They also look more like natural teeth than the older style of crowns. The newer porcelain crowns are much stronger and resistant to cracking as well. We would love to talk with you about whether all-porcelain crowns are right for your oral health needs.

Veneers (Laminates)

Dental veneers are another option for patients with mild to moderate staining of the inner layers of their teeth or for patients who have teeth that are slightly out of alignment. Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are bonded to your teeth. Veneers are a great minimally invasive service for patients.