Dentures are dental prosthetics or false teeth that fit snugly over your gums made to restore the appearance and healthy function of your original teeth. They can be applied either as a removable or fixed prosthetic.



Gaps caused by missing teeth can understandably cause you embarrassment and potentially create problems with speech and eating.Gaps in your teeth can also promote an irregular growth of neighbouring teeth causing a shift into the voided space at awkward angles, thus giving you more dental problems in the future. All these problems can be avoided when you decide to go for the teeth replacement solution that dentures provide.
Dentures Service

Replacing missing teeth

Dentures are specially designed to fill teeth gaps and replace your missing or diseased teeth. They will be custom created to fit in your mouth cavity based on your precise measurements. More than just a cosmetic teeth replacement solution, our dentures here at Hagan Dentistry are aimed at improving your overall dental health and appearance.

 Dentures in Kingsport


At your trusted dental office in Kingsport, Hagan Dentistry, we are committed to preserving your natural teeth to the best of our abilities. When Dr. Hagan has exhausted all the treatment options to retain your natural teeth, we offer dentures as the best possible alternative to resolve your tooth loss condition.

We use only clinically proven methods and quality prosthetic materials to ensure that every denture we provide our patients meets the high standards of safety, hygiene and efficacy.

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