A kids dentist specializes in providing comprehensive, preventive and therapeutic oral health care needs to children.

These dentists are very skilled and specialized in kids’ dentition. They are fully knowledgeable about pediatric dental care and create a happy ambience within the clinic for children to feel comfortable.


Dental Care for Kids

Among the care provided by kids dentists is regular oral health exams, preventive dental care such as brushing, nutrition recommendations, regular cleaning and fluoride treatments, and use of sealants to prevent cavities.

A kids dentist also may:

  • Provide mouth guards for prevention of sports injuries
  • Recommend special preventive care for tooth and gum disease
  • Offer habit counseling for thumb sucking or pacifier use
  • Offer assessment and treatment for teeth straightening and improper bite or orthodontics
  • Repair tooth cavities and/or defects
  • Provide management of gum disease or periodontal disease
  • Care for dental injuries like fractured or knocked-out teeth
Kids Dentist

Kids Dentist in Kingsport, TN

Kids dentist, Dr. Hagan, understands that children need a gentler approach to dental care. We offer a specialized focus on your child because we know how to examine and treat children — not always the most patient or cooperative of subjects — in ways that make them comfortable and safe.

Look no further because here at Hagan Dentistry, we put both children and parents at ease during check ups, dental procedures, and more. Dr. Hagan will take the time to answer your and your child’s questions, building rapport and ensuring your child leaves the office with a happy, healthy smile.

We know that dental appointments can be scary for kids – that’s why finding the right kids dentist is so important for both you and your child’s peace of mind.
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