Our Services – Comprehensive Family Dental Care in the Tri-Cities

Smiling Family

General Dentistry
Whether your treatment  necessitates a filling, a root canal, a crown or anything in between, we can help; click the link above to learn more abut our dental services.

Family Dentistry
At Hagan Dentistry we consider ourselves to be a family that treats families and we see patients of all ages.   We understand that  certain patients including young children and older adults have specialized dental needs, and we have extensive experience providing this care.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Nothing makes you stand out in the crowd like a bright, beautiful smile, and thankfully there are a large array options with cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers,  and all-ceramic non-metal crowns.  Ask Dr. Hagan which cosmetic dental treatments would be appropriate for your smile.

As technology advances, so does the Hagan Dentistry team.  Dr. Hagan and the staff make every effort to have the latest and safest dental equipment available for our patients, and are constantly taking continuing education courses to stay current with the latest dental technology

Learn more about how oraverse can make your dental vist even easier.