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3 Ways Today's Dentures Have Improved Over the Years

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What do you think of when someone mentions dentures? Do you picture fake teeth that look, well, fake? Did you envision your grandmother’s denture slipping every time she laughed?

State-of-the-Art Dentures

Decades ago, dentists and technicians did the best they could with the materials available, and the aesthetic results and comfort of dentures left a lot to be desired. 

But modern full and partial dentures in Kingsport, TN are a vast improvement because they’ve improved in several ways:

  • Updated materials look more natural – Every day, researchers work toward making dental prosthetics look as much like real teeth as possible. The material used for the base of dentures is much lighter than it ...

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Everything You Need To Know About Dentures!

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All about dentures

Most people have heard of dentures or “false teeth”. But many people don’t realize what dentures really are, how they work, and what their limitations are. Below I’ll try to explain a little about the types of dentures that are available and how we go about making them.

In this article, I will be discussing full/complete dentures. Full dentures are removable appliances that are made when someone is missing all of their natural teeth in one arch (upper or lower) or both arches. Partial dentures can also be made to replace one or more (but not all) missing teeth ...

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