Kingsport, TN Teeth Whitening

Happy Patient | Kingsport, TN DentistNo cosmetic treatment, dental or otherwise, provides the immediate and dramatic impact of professional teeth whitening at Hagan Dentistry!

A dull, drab smile can make you feel self-conscious. But a beautiful smile helps you feel more confident, and confidence is a very attractive quality! 

As you probably know, teeth whitening is a big business. If you don’t believe us, check out the virtually endless array of whitening products at your local drug store! If you use these products, your smile may get somewhat brighter, but only after you’ve invested lots of time and money. Even then, you won’t get anywhere near the same results as you would with a professional teeth whitening treatment. 

In-Office Teeth Whitening for Immediate Results

Are you planning to attend a big event like a wedding, reunion, or graduation? When you’re choosing what to wear, remember that a bright, confident smile is a perfect accessory for any outfit!

At Hagan Dentistry, we offer in-office teeth whitening that will deliver a whiter smile in just under an hour. You can come in during your lunch break and go back to work with a bright and beautiful smile!

Take-Home Professional Whitening Kits

Teeth Whitening Kit | Kingsport, TN DentistWe want to make teeth whitening easy for you by providing options that fit your lifestyle. You may not want to take an hour out of your day to sit for an in-office whitening, so we’re pleased to offer convenient take-home kits.

Don’t confuse professional take-home kits with those you buy over the counter! There are several advantages to using our customized take-home kits:

  • Dr. Hagan will prescribe a whitening gel that’s stronger than anything you can purchase at the drug store.
  • Unlike the generic whitening trays you find in over-the-counter products, your kit includes a customized whitening tray that is made using impressions of your teeth.
  • A customized tray covers all surfaces of your teeth evenly for consistent whitening. The tray is also designed to keep the whitening gel on your teeth, not on your sensitive gums.

The procedure for whitening at home is simple. Simply place the prescription-strength whitening gel in the trays and wear for 20 minutes a day. In about two weeks, you will see results that are comparable to an in-office whitening treatment.

Show Off Your Confident Smile!

We will be pleased to talk to you about the different cosmetic dental treatments we offer, but often all that’s needed to transform your smile is a simple in-office or take-home whitening treatment. Dr. Hagan does recommend a professional dental cleaning before whitening to ensure that your teeth are clean and free of plaque and tartar. 

Teeth whitening at Hagan Dentistry is easy and convenient, and we would be happy to recommend the treatment that best fits your needs. Please call or email us to arrange a convenient appointment!