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How a Dental Filling Helps Improve Your Oral Heatlh

Dental fillings are a basic restorative treatments most dentists offer because they are a time-tested solution for damaged teeth. In fact, about 100 years ago researchers in Slovenia found an ancient tooth filled with beeswax that dates back to 6,500 AD!

Today, dentists use either a silver amalgam filling or a tooth-colored composite material. While amalgam fillings have their uses, composites tend to be more popular because they look natural and won’t leave a dark spot in your smile.

What Happens to an Untreated Damaged Tooth

Having a filling placed is a straightforward procedure with significant benefits. Your dentist removes the decayed or damaged portion, adds filling material to the tooth, and shapes ...

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3 Reasons Why You May Need a Dental Crown

Millions of people benefit from crowns, and it’s likely that you may even have one yourself. Crowns are a staple of dentistry because they are dental restorations that fit over a damaged tooth to strengthen and protect it.

3 Reasons Why You Need a Dental Crown

Dental crowns in Kingsport, TN are so versatile that we can use them in numerous situations. However, three of the most common reason your dentist would recommend a crown are:

A Tooth is Cracked

A cracked bone will heal, but a cracked tooth does not. If you have a crack in your tooth and there is no crown to protect it, the tooth may break below the gum line and ...

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How to Find the Right Dentist in Kingsport for Your Children

Small Child at Dentist Office | Hagan Dentistry

Searching for a dentist for yourself can be challenging on its own, but trying to find the right dentist for your kids is an entirely different matter, or at least it should be.

You should take your time to find the right dentist because your child’s early dental experiences will set the stage for their attitude about oral care for the rest of their lives. You probably know or may even be a nervous adult patient whose fear stems from an unpleasant dental experience as a child, and this is what we want to avoid.

Start with Some Research

The process of finding the right dentist will take some work, but the reward ...

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4 Ways Porcelain Veneers Can Improve Your Smile

Woman Getting Veneers | Hagan Dentistry

How do you feel about your smile? Are you happy with the way your teeth look or do you long for a dream smile makeover? If you’re thinking about improving your smile with cosmetic dentistry, porcelain veneers are an excellent option to consider.

The Value of a Confident Smile

Many studies and surveys have been conducted to find out how smiles affect us and those around us. An interesting result is that smiling has a circular effect because it releases endorphins, hormones that trigger positive feelings in us, and also give others an endorphin boost when they see us smile. When you smile, you feel better, which makes others feel better, etc., ...

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What type of education do dentists receive?

In the US, all dentists must receive a doctorate degree. This typically requires 8 years after high school graduation. Most dentists receive a bachelor’s degree in college, often in a science-related field, as dental schools require entering students to have completed extensive coursework in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics. I attended Furman University and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.

Then dental school is an additional 4-year program. Most programs are full-time and year round. The first two years of the program are full of courses related to general health ...

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Relieving a toothache

Man with Tooth Pain | Hagan Dentistry

Toothaches are well known to be one of the most miserable types of pain that one can experience. On quite a few occasions, I’ve had female patients tell me that the pain they have with a toothache is worse than anything they went through with childbirth. So what causes toothaches, and what can you do to help minimize discomfort if you experience a toothache?

The most common types of toothaches are caused by an irritation to the living tissue on the inside of the tooth, which is known as the pulp. This irritation is usually caused by a deep cavity, but ...

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Everything You Need To Know About Dentures!

Pairs of dentures | Hagan Dentistry

All about dentures

Most people have heard of dentures or “false teeth”. But many people don’t realize what dentures really are, how they work, and what their limitations are. Below I’ll try to explain a little about the types of dentures that are available and how we go about making them.

In this article, I will be discussing full/complete dentures. Full dentures are removable appliances that are made when someone is missing all of their natural teeth in one arch (upper or lower) or both arches. Partial dentures can also be made to replace one or more (but not all) missing teeth ...

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