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Making Dentistry Affordable

March 7, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Andrew Hagan
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For many different reasons, it is very important to receive regular dental care. Different studies have shown that poor dental health can be connected with a variety of other health conditions, including heart disease, stroke, pneumonia, pre-term births, and diabetes. Furthermore, going to the dentist regularly can help detect small dental problems while they can be treated easily and inexpensively. Delaying dental visits can often lead to more expensive and invasive treatments.

Affordability is Our Priority

Because we know how important regular dental care is, Hagan Dentistry makes it a priority to make dental care affordable for everyone. One way we do this is by working with several different dental insurance companies. In fact, Hagan Dentistry can file insurance claims with almost any dental insurance company. We accept assignment of benefits for insurances, which means that patients only have to pay their copays up front and their insurance companies pay us directly.

We are also in-network providers for several different dental insurance companies. Patients who have “PPO” dental plans can save even more money at our office. Among the companies we are in-network for are Blue Cross, United Healthcare, MetLife, and Delta Dental. We are also one of the few local dental offices that are in-network with the United Dual Complete and United Community plans.

But we at Hagan Dentistry also realize that there are a lot of people that do not have dental insurance. Fewer employers are offering dental insurance and retirees are often left without dental coverage. We want to make sure that people without insurance are still able to come regularly and get the care they need.

Our In-Office Membership Plan

For this reason, we offer an in-office membership plan. For a small annual fee, a patient will get 2 free simple cleanings a year, 2 exams, all their necessary x-rays, and a significant discount on any needed dental work, such as fillings, crowns, dentures, or bridges. This has been very helpful to many of our patients without insurance and has allowed them to continue to receive the care they need.

Lending Clubs

One other way we try to make dentistry affordable for our patients is by working with Care Credit and Lending Club. These are third-party lending companies that offer our patients no and low interest options for financing the dental care they need. So if someone has a lot of dental care needs, these companies allow our patients to spread out payments over several months or years without incurring hefty interest penalties.

Don’t let finances prevent you from taking care of your health. If you have any questions about how we can help make dental care affordable for you, please contact our office.

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