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How Parents Can Reduce the Risk of Childhood Cavities

August 24, 2021
Posted By: Dr. Andrew Hagan
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Our children experience many milestones as they grow. First steps, first words, and the first day of school are all events worthy of celebration. But a first cavity is one occasion every parent in Kingsport, TN hopes to avoid.

This world poses many challenges to our children’s oral health. Sugary temptations are found on every corner, and it’s easy to neglect the habits that may counteract the impacts of our modern lifestyle. The good news is that every parent has the power to help protect their children’s teeth.

The Causes of Childhood Cavities

Cavities at all ages are a result of tooth decay, and they may be found in even the very young. Caretakers should ensure that babies and toddlers don’t fall asleep with a bottle filled with anything other than water. Though older children savor juices and soda, these drinks should be minimized or even eliminated – kids may learn to enjoy water lightly flavored with sugar-free additives, and the nutrients in fortified juices can be supplied just as readily through solid foods.

Finally, even with good eating habits and oral hygiene, your child may still suffer from cavities without regular visits to your dentist. Again, starting early is a great way to monitor for tooth decay precursors. If parents choose their dentist wisely, their kids may develop a positive relationship with dentistry as a whole.

Specifics of What You Can Do

Model Good Behavior – Strong oral hygiene begins at home. When kids watch their parents care for their teeth, they are much more likely to do the same. Create a good routine for your whole family. If you have several bathrooms, some dentists suggest establishing one as “Oral Care Central”. Have everyone brush together after meals and before bedtime, where you can be observed brushing carefully and for the correct duration, flossing and rinsing faithfully.

Establish those Healthy Eating Habits – If your little ones have walking-around bottles, fill them with water; save milk and other drinks for mealtime. At meals, try to serve nutritious, whole food fruits, vegetables, and proteins, with special attention to calcium-rich options. Limit sugary snacks and read food labeling to avoid process foods especially high in sugar.

First Birthday, First Dental Visit – Dr. Hagan, as a father of two young children, knows that a patient and gentle approach is best. Preventing problems means that your child will not associate pain with dental visits. Some preventative methods your dentist might employ are fluoride treatments where appropriate, as well as dental sealants to provide little teeth with extra protection.

Gift Your Child a Lifelong Healthy Smile

As a parent, it’s up to you to establish your child’s relationship with their teeth. You have the power to ensure that relationship is as painless and positive as possible. Don’t delay and contact our Kingsport, TN office to get started today.

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