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Professional Teeth Whitening Is Better than Store-Bought

January 5, 2022
Posted By: Hagan Dentistry Team
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For patients who are considering whitening their teeth, there is no shortage of options on the store shelf. From ill-fitting trays to whitening pens, the market of tooth whitening products can be hard to navigate.

The sheer volume of options leaves many patients mystified as they look for the right product. 

At Hagan Dentistry, we have a simple answer to this question, visit us instead.

Rather than experimenting with different whitening treatments and experiencing spotty success whitening your teeth, seek proven professional treatment with your local Kingsport, TN dentist.

Why Professional Whitening Is Better

Patients should come and see us at our office for dental whitening instead of trying an off-the-shelf product. Professional dental whitening is more effective than any store-bought product because the whitening agents we use are significantly more concentrated.

When a dental professional does a whitening treatment, they also produce better results, with less risk of sensitivity or irritation to the gums. We might also recommend a dental cleaning before your whitening treatment to increase effectiveness. After all, we don't want to whiten tartar build-up but instead ensure the gel comes in direct contact with clean, polished teeth.

The Short Comings of Store-Bought Products

While store-bought products can help whiten your teeth, many require repeated treatments over longer periods, causing prolonged sensitivity for some people. Professional teeth whitening is faster and typically produces less sensitivity. 

The length of time patients needs to use store-bought whitening kits like strips or trays effectively increases the likelihood they will fail to use it correctly or frequently enough, reducing their effectiveness. 

Other treatments like trays that don't fit your teeth will often fail to reach in between teeth during treatment, creating an unflattering contrast between the whitened and unwhitened portions of the teeth. 

Kingsport, TN Professional Teeth Whitening

Are you looking for a brighter smile? Contact us today to schedule a time to come in for a professional whitening treatment that will help you create the bright white smile you desire.

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