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3 Reasons Why You May Need a Dental Crown

October 14, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Andrew Hagan
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Millions of people benefit from crowns, and it’s likely that you may even have one yourself. Crowns are a staple of dentistry because they are dental restorations that fit over a damaged tooth to strengthen and protect it.

3 Reasons Why You Need a Dental Crown

Dental crowns in Kingsport, TN are so versatile that we can use them in numerous situations. However, three of the most common reason your dentist would recommend a crown are:

A Tooth is Cracked

A cracked bone will heal, but a cracked tooth does not. If you have a crack in your tooth and there is no crown to protect it, the tooth may break below the gum line and require an extraction to remove. 

The Tooth Has a Large Filling

If you previously had work done on a tooth, decay can build up around a large filling and can cause a piece of tooth to break off. To avoid this scenario, your dentist will recommend a crown to prevent further damage to the filled tooth.

You’ve Had a Root Canal

Performing a root canal on a molar often results in a large temporary filling which, as explained above, increases the risk for cracking and major, costly damage to the tooth. Placing a dental crown on the tooth protects it, restores function, and improves appearance. 

Call Us to Arrange an Appointment

If you have a damaged tooth and suspect you might need a dental crown, please call Hagan Dentistry to arrange a consultation. We offer crowns in several materials including porcelain, porcelain fused to metal, and gold to fit your unique needs. Dr. Andrew Hagan will be happy to sit down with you to find out what’s happening with the tooth and whether or not a crown is the right option.

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