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How often should I bring my family to the dentist?

Dr. Hagan, your Kingsport, TN dentist, recommends bringing your family in every six months for preventive dental exams and teeth cleanings at our Kingsport, TN dental office. Even if you brush and floss conscientiously and take good care of your teeth, you still need to schedule preventive checkups.

When you see us regularly, Dr. Hagan can make sure your mouth is as healthy as it feels or if any underlying problems are developing. Tooth decay and gum disease, for example, can damage your teeth and gums before you’re even aware it exists.

Professional dental cleanings with one of our hygienists are equally important; your best brushing efforts can’t remove tartar, a mineral-like substance that collects on your teeth. Only a dental hygienist can remove tartar using specialized instruments.

Getting two preventive dental exams and cleanings every year is the best way to cut down on expensive dentistry and keep your family’s smiles healthy. Call us at our Kingsport, TN dental office today if it’s time to schedule your next appointment.

Is It Time for Family Dental Checkups in Kingsport?

If it’s time for your family’s exams, or if you’re looking to establish dental care in the area, reach out to our dental team today.

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