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My tooth needs to be extracted, what happens next?

Saving your teeth is our priority at Hagan Dentistry.

We do everything in our power to allow you to keep your natural teeth. There are times when a tooth needs to be extracted in order to contain an infection or to keep your surrounding teeth safe. If you do need a tooth or teeth extracted, we offer several different options for replacing them.

Our Tooth Replacement Options 

Each option has its pros and cons, and Dr. Andrew Hagan will sit with you to go over what you can expect from dental implants vs. fixed bridges, or what the difference is between full and partial dentures. 

Replace Your Missing Tooth

Our Kingsport, TN dental staff can appreciate how overwhelming and even scary the thought of a dental extraction can be. We go above and beyond to make our patients feel warm, comfortable, and safe. 

At Hagan Dentistry, you don't have to fear bulky or artificial-looking dentures. We think everyone deserves to have a strong and beautiful smile that doesn't look obvious.

We create modern dentures that fit snug and securely, and that look just like your natural teeth. These aren't your parents' prosthetics that looked fake and oversized. 

Could Dentures Be Your Solution?

Schedule your tooth replacement appointment with Dr. Hagan to go over what your smile needs, lifestyle, and budget are. We'll help you determine if dentures in Kingsport are what you are looking for. 

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