Kids Dentistry in Kingsport, TN

Child Brushing Teeth in Kingsport TNAt Hagan Dentistry, we love treating kids because we know the positive impact that good oral health will have on their lives now and far into adulthood. This is a perfect time to take the opportunity offered by kids' natural curiosity and show them that visits to the dentist can be a fun adventure.

As the father of two young children, Dr. Hagan understands that children need a gentle and patient approach!

Our team is very caring and sensitive to the unique needs of young children, and we will never try to treat a child who isn’t ready. Our goal is to do everything we can to ensure that your child enjoys a positive experience from the start so they can avoid the anxious feelings a lot of adults have about dental care.

Your Child's First Visit

Your child’s early dental growth can be fun to watch. It’s exciting to see their first little tooth emerge and watch the natural process unfold girl smiling during kids dentistry exam in Kingsport TNas other teeth follow suit.

This is also the optimal time for you to bring your child in for their first visit with us. We like to start seeing kids when the first baby tooth erupts – ideally, no later than age one. Seeing your child at this time gives Dr. Hagan an opportunity to begin monitoring their early oral health to ensure that things are progressing as they should.

At this young age, most children don’t require significant dental treatment, so we take this time to focus on educating you about your child’s oral health. Children learn by example, and there’s a lot you can do to help them develop good oral health habits. We will explain age-appropriate oral hygiene and provide guidance if you have questions about bottle habits or thumb sucking

Many parents wonder why visits are necessary at such an early age. It’s true that your child will eventually lose their baby teeth. But baby teeth play a crucial role in your child’s dental development because they hold a place for permanent teeth. If a baby tooth is lost too soon, there might not be enough space for the permanent tooth to emerge properly. Premature loss of a baby tooth can lead to orthodontic and other oral health problems in the future.

Protecting Your Child’s Oral Health

Aside from helping your child learn how to take care of their teeth, we use early visits to take preventive steps to keep their teeth healthy.

Application of fluoride is a valuable treatment we use to ensure that your child’s teeth stay strong and healthy. Dr. Hagan will let you know if he thinks your child will benefit from the protection of additional fluoride.

Dental sealants are very beneficial for young children. Fluoride protects the smooth surfaces of teeth, but molars and pre-molars have deep grooves, making them hard to clean properly. A sealant is a thin coating of plastic material that is applied to the tooth’s surface to block out bacteria and help prevent decay. We usually place sealants on permanent teeth, but Dr. Hagan may determine that your child will benefit from sealants on their baby teeth.

We Would Love to Meet Your Child!

A healthy smile is one of the best gifts you can give your child. It allows them to enjoy their childhood without discomfort and sets them up for a lifetime of problem-free oral health.

Dr. Hagan and our team would love the opportunity to meet you and your child. Please call our Kingsport, TN dental office at (423) 239-8021 or email us to arrange a time to visit!