Tooth-Colored Fillings in Kingsport, TN

family smiling with tooth colored fillings in kingsport tn

No one can feel their best when they know their teeth are flawed or in disrepair, but they don’t have to settle for a smile that makes them feel self-conscious.

No matter how well you take care of your teeth, cavities can develop over time for various reasons. In fact, you may be surprised to learn that tooth decay is the most prevalent disease in the US after the common cold!

We all try our best to prevent cavities, but even regular brushing and flossing isn’t a guarantee of consistent oral health. Most people will require a filling at least once in their lives, but this is nothing to get upset about. Cavities are very common, and your Kingsport dentist, Dr. Andrew Hagan, can easily remove any tooth decay.

For a long time, the only option for filling a cavity involved metal or silver fillings that darkened over time. Today, we now have the option of using tooth-colored material to restore your smile and protect your oral health.

At Hagan Dentistry, we offer tooth-colored filling to blend with your existing smile by combining function with beauty.

Tooth-Colored Fillings Restore Oral Health

Whatever your dental concerns are at this moment, Dr. Andrew Hagan will help you find the perfect solution to get your oral health back on track. One way we can restore your damaged smile and improve your appearance is with attractive tooth-colored composite fillings. Cavities happen, and when they do, the best thing we can do is to remove the decay quickly and repair the tooth.

If we don’t treat the decay as soon as possible, it can spread and cause even more damage. This is one of the reasons why our team stresses the need for regular exams and cleanings. It’s much easier to take steps to protect your oral health now than to face the inconvenience and expense of complicated problems in the future.

Reasons to Choose Tooth-Colored Fillings

Tooth-colored fillings at our Kingsport, TN dental office are metal-free and BPA-free that come in many shades of tooth color to match with your smile. Many patients choose tooth-colored resin because they look more natural and require less removal of healthy tooth structure. In fact, Dr. Hagan only needs to remove the decayed portion of your tooth so that the composite resin can adhere and bond perfectly. We can shape tooth-colored composite fillings to match the original structure of your tooth, and it comes in many shades of white to match your smile.

Silver or amalgam fillings often require more removal of your tooth structure, and they tend to expand with age. These fillings are commonly recommended for teeth in the back of your mouth that aren’t highly visible and may need more strength.

Tooth-colored fillings offer many advantages, including:

  • Tooth-colored fillings create a perfect match between the dental filling and natural tooth, making tooth-colored fillings unnoticeable 
  • We don’t have to remove a lot of healthy tooth structure, which preserves your long-term dental health
  • Unlike silver amalgam fillings, composites don’t create a dark spot in your smile because they blend in naturally with your surrounding teeth
  • The composite resin used in tooth-colored fillings makes them more durable and creates a stronger bond with the natural tooth than metal fillings can provide.
  • Since tooth-colored fillings blend so beautifully with your natural tooth, we can use them to correct flaws like chipped or cracked teeth.

There are many reasons to choose composite fillings, but the most important one is that they can help give you the confidence of a beautiful, flawless smile. If you want to see what's possible for your smile with tooth-colored fillings in Kingsport, TN, please call Hagan Dentistry to schedule an appointment.

How Dental Bonding Can Change Your Smile

When you have a minor smile flaw that you want to fix, we may recommend dental bonding as a good way to restore and enhance your smile. Dental bonding is a cost-effective and minimally invasive procedure that uses tooth-colored composite material to:

  • Brighten yellow or severely stained teeth
  • Fix chipped or cracked teeth
  • Change the shape of too-small teeth
  • Fix worn teeth
  • Fill in gaps and spaces between teeth

Dental bonding does not require surgery or removal of existing teeth structure. Dr. Hagan applies the tooth-colored composite resin directly to your enamel, then shapes it to the perfect specification and polishes it so that it looks natural and beautiful. The process is quick and efficient, often taking one dental visit to complete.

How Do Cavities Happen?

Tooth enamel is an incredible substance. It is actually the hardest substance in your body, and every day it works hard to withstand pressure from grinding, chewing, or talking. Despite all these amazing qualities, it's kryptonite is tooth decay and infection. The good news is that you can do significant prevention in the battle to keep your original smile and fight off bad bacteria.

Regular daily brushing and flossing will dislodge food particles and plaque to stop decay in its tracks. Diet is also a significant factor, mainly things high in sugar practically invite tooth decay to make itself at home.

Grinding your teeth or chewing hard things like ice may not seem like a big deal, but you can eventually wear down your protective layer of enamel, and that tends to lead to cavities. If you clench your teeth or grind down at night, please let Dr. Hagan know. A simple night guard, while you sleep, can save you time,woman getting tooth colored fillings in kingsport tn money, and your smile.

It's imperative to drink water and hydrate! Water is not only good for your general health and well-being, but it also prevents your mouth from being too dry, washes away food particles after meals, and washes away any sugars and acids. 

Lastly, maintaining routine dental check-ups and cleanings are the best path to dental health success. The only way you can identify dental decay, gum disease, infection, or worse is by having your Kingsport dentist keep a log of your dental progress and look for any abnormalities. If you haven’t had a dental check-up in a while, go ahead and call us. We want to make sure your dental health is on track.

Finding the Right Dental Solution for You

Every restoration we place gives us another opportunity to improve the appearance of your smile. We choose tooth-colored fillings for our patients because they are an excellent solution for many dental problems and look so natural.

Dental insurance usually covers at least a portion of the cost of fillings, but we will be happy to check with your insurance company on your behalf. If you would like more information about tooth-colored fillings or want to arrange an appointment for an exam and cleaning, please call our Kingsport, TN dental office. Dr. Hagan will evaluate your situation and make recommendations that will help you smile again with confidence!

Are You Interested in Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings?

Many of our patients at Hagan Dentistry ask about composite resin tooth fillings because they like the white look and how minimally invasive they are. Tooth-colored fillings avoid issues that you might find in amalgam fillings, and patients never have to worry about mercury in their filling. 

We love tooth-colored composite fillings because they protect your oral health and enhance your beautiful smile. Are you interested in learning more about how tooth-colored resin fillings can stabilize and secure your tooth while making your smile look even better? Then call the dental office of Dr. Andrew Hagan to schedule a dental appointment through our friendly dental staff.